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Co-create / Volunteering

Do you like to try out a new project? or share your special skills?

Are you a storyteller, A magician, painter, musician, performer, spoken word artist, dj or other skills you like to share and you would love to show these at Talking Trees Music, Workshops &Art? Let us know.

co-creator / what's in it for me?

You don't have to make a financial contribution,for your meals and stay, and we make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. You meet beautiful people, can dance the night away, swim as a mermaid and celebrate nature.

Co-create in our recording studio and perform on stage.

We are a home to artists of all kind. We wish to showcase their work and facilitate co-creation. We have our own recording studio. Poets, song writers, musician, spoken word artists, singers... If there is a timeslot left, You can book the studio for free and if you like what you create, you can share it with the other guests live on stage. 


To make this gathering possible the production team and producer need help with; First Aid, serving drinks (6 people), building up and breaking off (4 people), lending a helping hand (6 people). In return you get free meals and stay (in your own tent or caravan). 


If possible, share your ride. 

Carpooling is socially economical. Not only will you be sharing costs, but you will also help reduce the costs we all pay towards the construction of new roads, road maintenance, air pollution and air pollution related health costs. 

Co-create / Volunteering
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