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Chateau de Gressoux

Gîte Rural - Auxon-les Vesoul

Haute-Saône named after the River Saône which flows through the rolling countryside. On both sides of the Haute-Saône are the Vosges and the Jura. This provides a variety of options for day trips. It is even possible to make it to the ski area of La Bresse in the Vosges or the Jura in.

Visiting deep forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and caves to make beautiful walks in surrounding cities such as imposing Besancon, Belforte or Montbeliard with their forts. The numerous villages with typical architectural styles and Castles are well worth a visit. Especially in the summer when there are all sorts of folklore activities and flea markets take place.

A ten minute drive from the Chateau in Vesoul is a comprehensive site with the typical large French retail stores where you can do all your shopping. Visit the market in Vesoul, or any of the other surrounding towns for special local products.

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