History of the chateau gressoux

Jean Etienne Louis Roussel left at his death in 1857
all of its assets, including Chateau the Gressoux to
eight municipalities with the wish that it would be used for creating a school and a foundation for charity for underprivileged youth to learn craft around farming skills.

The municipalities have accepted this generous gift.
They had not reckoned on the families D'Ambly  and Dornier, with whom Roussel had lived at odds. They felt shortend by the will of Roussel.


Numerous lawsuits in 1861 determined that only one third of the assets of Roussel was granted to the municipalities. However, the institution was founded and the kids from eight municipalities got an education free of charge. They also provided them with training, clothing, a room and food. This charity work continued until 1937. Part of Roussel inheritance was not sufficient to maintain the buildings and to ensure education. Therefore, a lease agreement was concluded with the Institution Bourdault and the domain was managed until 1986 by the Sisters of Charity. 

Today, eight municipalities owns about 38 acres of land surrounding the Chateau Gressoux. A sad end of a considerable fortune, which had been the generous idea of Mr. Roussel, who thus was far ahead of his time, as he wanted to organize. Indeed solidarity in favor of poor children in the service A nice step on the road to equality - still a dream.
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